One of the giraffes in this brainteaser doesn’t have a twin, can you spot which one?

What exactly constitutes a genius score on a measure of intelligence? To understand the score, it is important first to learn a little more about IQ testing in general.

Nowadays intelligence tests are based largely on the original test devised in the early 1900s by French psychologist Alfred Binet. To identify students in need of extra assistance in school,

the French government asked Binet to devise a test that could be used to discover which students were most in need of academic help. Based on his research, Binet developed the concept of mental age.

Children of certain age groups quickly answered certain questions. Some children were able to respond to the questions typically answered by children of an older age, so these children had a higher mental age than their actual chronological age.

If you solve this question your IQ is higher. And here is the right answer.

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