Why He Spent 300 Days Alone on an Island???

this man left the richest country in the world Switzerland to live alone on an island in the middle of nowhere for 300 days. Just to find happiness. Who is this person and who the hell does that?

In the country of Switzerland I found Xavier hi Nas daily. I’m xavier and I lived on my own on an island for 300 days. You see Xavier is not like others. He’s always wanted to live life differently than everybody else.

I didn’t see a point of living a society wanted me to getting a job, getting married all those things don’t bring me happiness. I wanted to find my own version of happiness. So while everyone around him chases after a house,

a car, a nine to five job he decided to leave all of this behind, cut off all contact with family and friends and come here to the remote island of Tofua in the middle of the pacific ocean,

far far away from any civilization cities and even supermarkets. That’s only 24 hours I’m here. I’m missing food, I’m
missing drink water, I’m missing everything on this journey.

He only brought a machete a swiss knife, a small medical kit, a camera and his two bare hands. My goal to survive 300 days. it was as tough as you can expect he had to learn how to fish, for food build a home out of leaves and branches and walk for hours just to find a cup of water.

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