How This Veterinarian Makes Vaccinations For Dogs?????He is Amazing

Vet has an adorable way of vaccinating dogs without them. Most dogs get scared when they know they are going to the vet, but it doesn’t have to be like that have you ever thought there could be another way to make the dogs actually enjoy going to the vet.

Well this particular doctor named Andre Santos has found an adorable and a smart way of making the whole experience something they actually enjoy. Santos runs a veterinary clinic in Portugal, where he’s gained quite a reputation for his fun-loving approach to keeping pets both healthy and happy.

At the same time when he posted his videos on social media showing how he treats and deals with his lovely patients. He got so many positives reactions and people admiring his approach.

Maybe other vets will be encouraged to embrace this method. After all all we care about is our pets and we don’t want them to be scared or afraid when going to the vets.

When a furry patient comes into his clinic to receive a vaccine Santos doesn’t just approach them carrying the dreaded needle. Instead he makes a little game of things using positive reinforcement in the form of playtime and treats.

Leaving pets totally unaware that they’ve been given a shot at all and let’s not forget both him and the pets dancing after he gives them the shots everyone is happy rather than leaving dogs feeling a little traumatized.

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