The Goose Tracks Down Her Boyfriend After He’s Taken To The Hospital. Did The Hospital Workers Let Her In???????

This week, staff at the Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts noticed that someone needed help. A wild goose named Arnold lives in a nearby pond and was seen with difficulty walking, apparently due to an injury to his foot.

The staff decided to let the bird into their wildlife hospital for treatment. But they are not the only ones who care about Arnold’s health. This was very excited.

The center staff wrote: “As we were preparing to calm Arnold and perform surgery on him, we heard a soft knock on the door.” “We turned around and saw her partner come to the porch and try to enter our clinic! Somehow! , I found it…”

Fortunately, Arnold’s foot surgery was a success. His girlfriend is very demanding. “She stayed there throughout the operation, watching us work, and did not leave the door,” the staff member wrote.

Next, they placed Arnold near the door and opened the door so that the two geese could be together. The staff at wrote: “The two of them seemed more at ease in front of each other.”

Arnold is expected to take a few weeks to fully recover, but this is not something he has to deal with alone. To avoid worrying about his girlfriend, the clinic staff plans to let her continue to visit her.

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