The doctors couldn’t stop screaming when they realized how this girl give birth

Having a baby is such an exciting time, but it can also be very stressful. One as there are all kinds of things that can go wrong. It’s only natural that new moms and dads tend to worry about every possibility and worst case,

scenario hoping with all their might, that their child will be born happy and healthy but some couples like Karen Rhodes and Paul Rifkin. Experience firsthand what can happen when things go wrong.

Karen and Paul were initially thrilled to say hello to their baby boy Nathaniel but had to say goodbye to him just 36 hours later. Nathanial was born with a rare life-threatening condition known as polycystic kidney disease.

The main symptom of this disease is the development of cysts inside the kidneys and it often leads to kidney failure which can be fatal in Nathaniel’s case.

It was too much to bear for a newborn baby. the couple had the courage to try for another baby and welcome their daughter Maddie into the world in 2013. Sadly little Maddie was born with the exact same disease.

A toddler who looked eight months pregnant because of a rare disease has been saved thanks to her dad who donated his kidney Maddie Ribkin. Now too was born with a condition called polycystic kidney disease pkd,

Which meant cysts grew on her kidneys causing her stomach to look enlarged polycystic kidney disease pkd is an inherited disorder, in which clusters of cysts develop primarily within your kidneys, causing your kidneys to enlarge and lose function over time…

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