Can you spot 7 differences between these two pictures?

It’s the middle of winter, so your local forest color scheme may include soft shades of gray, brown, and green or a dazzling white if it’s snowed recently.

The image below gives you a chance to temporarily return to the rich orange, yellow, and red of fall, and exercise your thinking in the meantime.

Hungarian artist Gergely “Dudolf” Dudás described seven differences between the following two forest scenes. He found that they need sharp eyes and are not easily distracted by cute woodland creatures like foxes, owls,

and hedgehogs. Once you think you have found all the differences, keep scrolling to display the answers. Dudás has accumulated about 166,000 fans on Facebook, and he often posts cute pictures with hidden pictures, differences or other puzzle elements on Facebook.

Many are Christmas themes, but trying to find ghosts in skeletons or sheep in Santa Claus is never a bad thing. She also drew illustrations for Beth Terry’s Fox & Rabbit story and published some of her own books full of hidden picture puzzles.

I See or Where’s Wally to show off your eagle eyes? (Or open an issue of Highlights magazine). See the answer below and read more of Dudás’s work here

Nowadays, Dudás-style puzzles can be searched on Google. However, anyone who has a childhood predated the Internet will undoubtedly remember those days when you need to buy I See,

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