Adorable black baby panther rejected by her mother found a forever home and is now…

The mother plays a vitally important role in the development of her children, who needs maternal love and affection and care to be healthy and happy.

This refers also to animal planet. A baby animal can not survive in the wild without it. It should fight not only for finding food, but for its life as well, otherwise, it itself will be food for the other wild animals.

Some little baby animals can be lucky, being saved, as the hero of our story, the baby panther Luna.

This little creature was born one of the Siberian Zoo. Unfortunately, Luna was rejected by her mother, who refused to feed her and take care of her.

That minimized her chances to survive.
Thanks to her adoptive mother’s care, kindness and love, the tiny cub soon turned into a strong,

healthy and friendly gentle soul. Her transformation was just incredible. The kind woman, besides this adorable black panther, owned  also a Rottweiler, named Venza.

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