A Quadriplegic Puppy Makes Its Owner Cry When She …

We are very aware that the bond between humans and dogs is indestructible. They will soon become the most important people in our lives, so when they get sick or have an accident, our hearts will stop!

When the owner receives a devastating diagnosis of his puppy, he will think of many things. He will save her pain at all costs, let alone the idea that one day he will cross the rainbow soon.

It was the drama a woman went through after being told that her hairy Sammi had a serious degenerative disease, which would leave him a quadriplegic. But after watching this video, it will be very difficult for you not to burst into tears.

Despite the fact that it happened some years ago, this fact was recorded and has captivated thousands of people. Sammi’s illness gradually deteriorated her neck and spine, until unfortunately she was left in a tetraplegic state, unable to move, as predicted by the vet.

However, its owner would spare no effort to give her puppy the life it deserved. So she transferred him to the California Animal Rehabilitation Center (CARE), in Santa Monica, California,

where a great team of veterinary doctors worked to help him for several months and the result was fantastic. One day after finishing his cycle of therapies, part of the team of doctors who treated him decided to record the scene when his owner would meet him.

Not only Sammi had experienced a great improvement, but he was also ready to play and run while wagging his tail with joy! The woman couldn’t believe what was in front of her eyes… he had finally made it!

Their reunion was magical, she hugged him and gave a big hug to the veterinarians who made it possible. Sammi’s great miracle was captured by a video, which struck a chord that millions of people cry on the Internet:

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