Champ little dog  found occasionally  by a rescuer with a fishing line around her snout  struggled bravely for her recovery and succeed

A few months ago, a cute puppy was found in a mysterious place in Bali, where dogs are occasionally lost. Obviously, these dogs were arrested for selling their meat.

The poor dog named Lucy is in very bad physical condition, and a fishing line is entangled in her little nose. Obviously, he was lucky that rescuers arrived in time before the hunter appeared. Lucy was rushed to the veterinarian.

The doctor removed the fishing line, but the deep cuts caused an infection. Anyway, she was now safe. But, soon, it was found out, that she has a deadly disease and, a living chance for her was 50%. Lucy had no intention to give up, she was very strong and soon showed a good result of health improvement.

Then she was moved to the foster home, where she was under doctors’ control. Unfortunately, the day after she was diagnosed with another viral disease-distemper, which make problems with the digestive tract and affects the nervous system.

Lucy was so weak, that she was feed through syringes. She was brave enough to fight against the terrible obstacles encountering her. Her recovery process went slowly, but with great hope of full recovery. Soon, defeating her sicknesses, she becomes absolutely healthy.

But Lucy needed mental improvement and support, as she was very timid, not confident, and she didn’t trust people. Thanks to the foster center’s staff, their care, and love, she overcomes these difficulties, as well.

Soon, she becomes playful, trustful, and joyful. She did her best trying to forget her terrible past and began to trust people.

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