Why Newborns Smile When They’re Sound Asleep

Can there be anything more touching than seeing a baby smiling? Even more touching if we mention the first smile of a newborn, also sometimes known as an angelic smile.

And no it’s no wonder we call it that, since it’s usually a long-awaited moment for many parents that compensates, to some extent, for the tiredness and the sleepless hours of those first chaotic, but beautiful, months!

This magical moment is usually more common while babies are sleeping. Is the baby dreaming? Are they remembering their time in mommy’s tummy? Bright Side asked these same questions and wanted to know what babies are hiding behind their dreamy smiles.

If you were lucky enough to see your baby smiling on an ultrasound, don’t think you were imagining things that weren’t happening. A study that looked at more than 500 pregnant women using 4D ultrasound, found that up to 31 fetuses were actually smiling.

Everyone laughed for an average of 3.21 seconds each. In this way, scientists have determined that even if babies are still in the womb and before they are born, they will smile naturally.

Now, due to the development of a new technology that allows us to look inside the mother’s womb before the baby is born, it is possible to find that the baby can yawn at 18 weeks of being pregnant.

Around week 26 of their gestation, they can smile, blink, and even cry from inside the womb — these facial expressions are involuntary reflexes they’re developing as a sort of preparation for the moment of birth.

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