Only people with high IQ can solve this. Can YOU spot the panda in this sea of cats, dogs and owls?

If the cute pugs in this photo weren’t distracting enough, quiz masters have been tasked with the challenge of finding a rogue bear. Puzzlers will be forced to use their eagle-eyed talents to solve this Playbuzz quiz, which has been leaving the internet baffled.

Panda Pete is a child character sold on Asda. To find it, the challenger must search among pugs, owls and cats. Deep dark circles and rosy cheeks can tell where the annoying panda is hiding.

Can you spot him?

In the centre of the picture, on the fourth row from the bottom, Pete can be seen hiding between an owl and a pug. It’s not the first time a mind-melting illusion has challenged the vision of internet users this year.

Can you spot the American Hot in this Pizza Express cartoon?

In August, a graphic of Pizza Express pizzas left puzzlers feeling both confused and hungry at the same time.

The picture shows a number of different Pizza Express pizzas but lurking within is a single American Hot, topped with pepperoni and slices of fresh green peppers.

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