This is The World’s Most Watched Baby Ad- Every time You See This, You Love It Even More! SO Amazing!!

Have you seen this yet? This has been seen over 70 million times, and it’s literally on the list of favorite commercials of all time!! TRULY amazing! This was a nice video with a great concept.

Advertising has got to be catchy, creative and most of all, pass out a message or messages to its target audience. The television medium requires much more, unlike other mediums!

The advert made use of suspense by allowing what was being advertised to be what comes last. Because of all the dancing, they would eventually get dehydrated leading them back to taking the product.

YouTube has revealed that Evian’s ‘baby & me’ is the UK’s favorite ad of 2013. The 2013 YouTube Ads Leaderboard celebrates the most-watched adverts, and this year saw a marked increase in the number of brands drawing on popular memes among the YouTube community.

Topping the leaderboard was Evian with its ‘baby & me’ film which generated 20 million views in two days and 100 million after 10 weeks globally. Created by BETC Paris, it sparked 334 viewer-created versions and more than 6.9 million viewers have shared the video on social networks.

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