Best Man’s Pants Drop Down In Church During Wedding Ceremony. Click on the link below and get a laugh out of the whole situation, yourself!

All wedding ceremonies are usually serious. This is where emotions rise and organizations are scarce. From the moment the groom sees the blushing bride walking down the aisle, the game is usually over. As the sacred milestone between this man and wife progresses, let the tears flow as much as possible!

This is true for most couples. In this video where your face hurts when you laugh, the only cry here is pure laughter. Although the wedding moments of the bride and groom are intact and are something beautiful and emotional, what happened to the best man is a lot of fun, of course, more people are laughing instead of crying with joy.

The bride and groom are ready and set to exchange vows at the altar. Everything is just about to get started when–poof!–the best man’s pants magically undo themselves and drop down to his ankles, revealing his backside in boxers. You can hear the cameraman exclaim, “Oh shoot!” as he breaks into a chuckle.

The maid of honor is trying to contain herself (hand over her mouth), and the bride slides in close beside her husband-to-be unable to keep her calm. The best man quickly recovers and pulls up his bottoms while the priest lightheartedly throws out a joke in an attempt to ease the situation. But everyone just laughs harder, carrying on for minutes, even after the fact.

The groom cannot keep it together while the bride is seriously resisting. Their vows are interrupted with short bursts of laughter and giggles as they place rings on one another’s fingers. At this point, the best man has a handkerchief out wiping the tears from his eyes, and the priest drops another comment causing a ripple of giggles.

Just when you think the happy couple is out of the thick of it, the groom starts again and gets shushed by the bride who then starts to laugh with him. If these two can make the most out of a strange moment like this one, they’ve got a future full of laughs ahead.

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