How Many Masks Are There In The Image ?

Our minds can only focus on so much at once, says Susana Martinez-Conde, a neuroscientist at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York. Neurons in our visual cortices have limited bandwidth!!!

If they attempted to take in everything, we would struggle to pick out life-or-death details. So the brain directs our vision, filtering out irrelevant objects. If we’re crossing the street, it sends signals to tune into a car speeding toward us as opposed to, say,

a bluebird or a friendly neighbor out for a stroll. We might miss some things, but at least we’ll live to tell the tale.In these difficult times, let’s take out some time for a little fun activity.

How many masks can you see in the image above. Don’t just look out for exclusive masks. Even objects which look like masks are eligible to be identified. So how many masks can you see in the image?

Share with your family and friends and see how many masks they can see in the picture. Answer:
There are 24 masks.

Some people have spotted 25 masks too. How many have you spotted? Give your answers in the comments below.

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