Heart-wrenching scene dog refused to leave his sister after she was found killed and hit by car on road

Losing a beloved one is big grief. In such moments, complex sad feelings invade your heart. It can be so hard in your soul, that you will be not able even to speak.

In such a difficult and sorrowful moment, you need some to comfort you. But it’s so devastating when you are absolutely all alone in an unknown place, like this poor dog, who had to bear the pain of being lost alone on the roadside.

Kingsville Kleberg Health Department Animal Control & Care Center received a call about a dead dog alongside a road in Texas. Arriving at the scene, they were touched by the sight they encountered.

A dog was sitting next to the d.ead dog, guarding her breathless body. Then, it was found out later, that the guarding dog was the brother of the d.ead one, who was hit by a car.

When the staff tried to approach them, the protective dog started to snarl, putting his paw on the dead sister. The loyal dog didn’t allow anyone to touch his sister.

It was really hard work for the staff to convince the devastated brother to help them. Then the dog stopped growling when he was lured away by the rescue team.

Eventually, the volunteers managed to take the confused dog to the shelter. He seemed to be a stray dog, as they couldn’t find his owners. A worker managed to take some photos from the heartbreaking scene and posted them on the social media platform, they received numerous warm comments from the readers.

The dog was called Guardian, whose estimate age was about 8-10 months old. He lived at the center only for four days, then he was adopted. Though with a pain in his broken heart, Guardian now has a forever home, where, hopefully, he will be surrounded with love and comfort.

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