Thomas Beatie’s story has been worldwide headline news as a fully legal man and husband gave birth. However, his journey to becoming who he is today started many years back. Thomas Beatie was the first pregnant man. Thomas Beatie was born as a female, but from the age of 10, he knew that something was wrong with his gender!

He felt that if he could, he would choose a different gender. When he was 23, he began a gender transition. The process took time and six surgeries to complete. Finally, he was in the body he had desired his entire life. Thomas, on the other hand, kept his reproductive organs in the hope of having biological children in the future. During his first marriage to his first wife,

Nancy and Thomas decided to have their children due to Nancy’s health issues. Thomas began the process of artificial insemination so that they could start a family. He was a father of three healthy children. He was the first pregnant man to be legally recognized by the US government. Thomas said:

“I was simply a pregnant husband; something I would hope any man would do for his family if his wife were unable to do so.” Unfortunately, their love didn’t last long and Nancy and Thomas got divorced in 2012. It took four years for them to finalize their marriage in the court battles. As a result, Thomas was awarded custody of his three children.

Thomas moved in with his children’s school director, Amber, a mom of two. The new family had a lovely wedding, in Phoenix, Arizona, despite the challenges they faced.

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