3-Weeks-Old Beagle Puppy Imitates His Owner In A Sweet Way

This cute beagle puppy can melt the hardest heart! Do you agree? The tiny creature is only 3 weeks old, but he is already willing to imitate his owner. Some people say in the comments, that he would regret encouraging him to howl, as the pups can do it all day long. But now, his “voice” is a pure sensation for our ears!!

Beagles make excellent family companions. This breed is known for being inquisitive, joyful, and friendly. They don’t have the distinctive body odor that most dogs do, they don’t drool, and they don’t shed a lot of furs. Here are a few more reasons why you should own a Beagle dog as a pet:

They are sociable and get along with other pets and humans. They have a strong hunting instinct, which drives them to explore and seek out new experiences. These dogs are self-sufficient while also being affectionate. They’d love to sit on your lap and cuddle.

They are tolerant and patient, thus they make good friends for small children. Beagles are fit for active people, as they are playful and energetic. They have strong health and aren’t prone to hereditary diseases.

This adorable beagle puppy is another proof of why it’s worth considering them for pets! The video has reached almost 4 and a half million views, and the Internet users can’t stop admiring the pooch! Hopefully, he gave you a dose of pleasant emotions as well.

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