Mama Lioness Scolds Papa Lion for Playing With Daughter

A mama lioness caught her husband playing with their daughter. Father lion was playfully fighting with his daughter. The mother did not approve of this. She immediately got in between the two. Moreover, she ended up scolding papa lion. Perhaps the father was playing a bit too rough.

Jennifer Lockridge captured this interaction on film. She observed the lion family frolicking. Papa lion was just fooling around. His daughter was attempting to outwit him. Obviously, this was all for fun and games. As a result, papa lion was merely amusing himself. The cub’s name is Lusaka.

Understandably, she adores her father. The cub is a whirlwind of activity. She is also the last one to enter when summoned. These events have been confirmed by News 35 Post.

Soon after, the father threw his daughter to the ground. He was pretending to fight with her. At this point, his mother caught him red-handed. Or should we say’red pawed?’ She intervened in the fight between the two.

After that, mama lioness proceeded to ‘scold’ the father by roaring at him. She wanted to let daddy know he was being too harsh on his baby. Male lions do not play much of a parental role. The fathers will drive the cubs out of the pride. However, this is usually after two years. This allows the father to drive away any competition within the pride.

Additionally, this also has added benefit; it prevents inbreeding within the pride. Moreover, ‘pride’ is a collective noun for lions.
Cubs are known to ‘play’ with their parents. This is very important. It is necessary because it trains the cubs for the life ahead of them. It will allow them to defend themselves in the future.

Furthermore, this play-fighting is a bonding activity. Thus, it strengthens the bonds between the members of the pride. Lionesses are highly protective of their cubs. As all mothers should be. Thus, they will keep them safe from predators.

Other big cats are some of the threats faced by the cubs. Moreover, lionesses will hide their young for the first six months. The cubs are unable to defend themselves at this age. Lion Alert states these facts.

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