The Tricky Riddle: There Is An Object People Use Every Day That Is Full Of Holes, But Can Hold Water

Riddles are ideal for those who want to exercise their brains while also having fun. Are you one of those people who enjoy spending time with people who have advantages? Then we have a special treat for you: an awesome riddle.

The instruction is rather simple: you have to figure out what is full of holes, but still holds water. This riddle looks like a rather challenging one, but in reality, it is very simple. Moreover, most people use this object every day.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the answer right away. Just relax and take your time. You can also look around and maybe you will find inspiration next to you!

You may have to think outside the box, analyze the question to get its possible meanings, and attempt to come up with an answer. So, are you ready to check the right answer? It turned out to be so simple! Did you manage to solve this riddle in a short period of time?

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