Letters “B” Are Hidden Among Lots Of Numbers “8”, And It’s Quite A Challenge To Find Them All. They are 8

How often do you exercise your eyes? If you have a moment, you can do it now! There are hidden B-s among the numbers “8”, and there are more than 2. How many can you find? You have only 10 seconds for counting the letters B.

In fact, by taking this test, you will not only have fun, but you will also greatly improve your vision. Exercises for the eyes are the cheapest and most effective way to prevent eye diseases and vision loss. Training your eyes, like any other part of your body, strengthens their muscles and relieves discomfort and pain!

The condition that is called digital eye strain is the most common nowadays. It develops from the sedentary lifestyle and staring at the screen for a long time. If you experience itchiness, dry eyes, blurred vision, and even headaches, you may be exposed to digital eye strain.

The best cure against it is to get your eyes to work out. How to exercise your eyes properly? Changing focus on the close and far objects; Making circles with eyes in one and another direction;

Eye concertation on one object among others. The last type of exercise can be performed by following the “8 and B” test. How many letters did you find? You had a nice workout for your eyes, even if you don’t get the right answer. The answer is: there are 8 letters B in the picture.

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