I Am Here! Mother Posts An Adorable Photo Of Her Newborn Holding Her “Failed” Birth Control Device

Every child is a miracle, and every pregnancy is a beautiful life-changing experience. However, some pregnancies are so surprising that it is safe to say some babies are just determined to be born. And that was exactly Lucy Hellein’s story, so she decided to find a unique way to celebrate her child’s birth.’

Mirena IUD in the hands of a newborn baby. With her birth announcement, Lucy Hellenic has become a viral phenomenon. Rather than using a typical photo of the infant, the mother did something unique. She shared a photo of the tiny miracle clutching the IUD that had failed in his tiny palm. It was her method of sharing her experience when birth control failed to prevent her from becoming pregnant!

One Instagram user, @guillermobuendiamx, wrote: “What a picture! What a moment!!!,” while another, @kellieamurray, added: “Big boy! He was like…ain’t no IUD gonna stop me from coming into the world LOL. Congrats mommy, daddy, and siblings!” The doctors found her Mirena IUD hidden behind her placenta. In an Instagram post, Lucy explained that the baby came as a “HUGE surprise.”

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