A Simple Riddle To Challenge Your Logical Thinking: What Can Run But Can’t Walk?

Many of us were raised on a steady diet of riddles. Our parents, siblings, friends, cousins, and others have all inquired about them. And if you’re a big fan of riddles, chances are you’ve gone out on your own in quest of them, or you’ve even made up your own.

Are you able to solve this puzzle? What is able to run but not walk? That’s a bit of a puzzle. The beauty of riddles is that they aren’t always as difficult as they appear. It’s not about being the smartest or brightest person in the room. You might get the solution because you’re clever enough to read between the lines!

Take this one for instance. A riddle like this is often given to kids. In fact, there’s a big possibility that your child can guess the answer correctly because it’s really not based on how many degrees you have or your life experience.

Children do not usually overthink things and that’s why they may say the first thing that pops into their head. So before you show this to your kid and let them have a go at it, perhaps try solving it yourself first. Maybe you should think about how you would answer this if you were a child. And it just might come to you.

Have you been able to figure it out? It’s okay if it takes you a while, though. Stretching your mind this way isn’t a bad thing. Do you believe you have the correct answer now? Can you tell us the thing that will always run but never walk? Fantastic! Now see below to know if you were actually correct. See, it’s not really that complicated, right?

Yes, water runs because that’s simply the expression we use when it flows, for example, ‘running’ water. Hope this put a smile on your face. If it did, then spread the joy by sharing.

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