Woman, Who Gained 51 Stone Because Of Her Feeder Ex-Boyfriend, Loses 19 Stone After Their Split . How She looks now. Watch the Video Below

Love makes people do ridiculous things, and for Patty Sanchez, it made her grow alarmingly obese. Patty thought she had found love when she met a feeder who was turned on by her big size.

After they met at a party, they soon began a relationship and Patty was eventually consuming nothing less than 10,000 calories per day. She said: “I love my big body. The more I weigh, the sexier I feel.”

Patty wanted to gain weight despite the fact that she knew it was bad for her health. She wanted to be the world’s heaviest woman, therefore she ate 13,000 calories each day for many years.

A shift in power. Fortunately, Patty’s relationship with her feeding boyfriend did not work out, and they parted up. She was 51 stone and bedridden at the time.

After their split, Patty realized that she couldn’t do anything for herself. It began to affect her relationship with her sons, as they found it harder to be around her. She couldn’t even get up from the bed herself, and that was when she had a wake-up call.

Patty decided to change her lifestyle and partnered with her sons to shed her weight. The mother-of-four began by cutting 10,000 calories from her daily diet and engaging in light exercises.

Within three months, Patty started to lose weight, and their relationship with her sons improved. However, that wasn’t all.

A newfound love. In the process of becoming a better version of herself, Patty discovered a new love in a younger man named Bryan Johnson. Bryan, who is 14 years younger than Patty, has helped her lose some weight and regain her zest for life.

He helps her with her daily workout regimen. In just three months of living together, Patty shed over 2.85 stone. Every day they practice yoga and weightlifting for 30 minutes and then eat healthy meals. She said:

“Bryan has changed my life. I’ve never felt love like this. He keeps me moving and active. Before I was too fat to do anything, but now I have my zest for life back.”Although he wants her to lose some weight, Bryan affirmed that he only wants her to do so because he wants her to be healthy. He claims he loves the way she is, and can’t wait to start a family with her.

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