Mother sings ‘Give Me Jesus’ to adorable child

The classic worship hymn originally written in the 1800s as an African-American worship song is a favorite to many. It has had several versions over the years with the most popular one being the one done by Fernando Ortega.

It is heartwarming to see this mother sing the same beautiful lyrics that have been sung over centuries to her infant. Just from his expressions, you can see how much he enjoys this private concert!

Little girl finds hilarious loophole to no running rule

Babies are truly a blessing we get from God. From the video, you can tell that the tiny guy can’t get enough of his mother’s melodious tunes. It is wonderful to see this mother and her child sharing such a unique bond.

With over seventy-four thousand views, we can tell that many people enjoyed watching this wholesome video. The baby’s contagious smile will have you smiling in no time sharing his joyful moment.

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