These Twin sisters are praying adorably. What they are asking For?

The Bible says that the Lord is close to children. Parents are responsible for instilling values ​​in their children. This is not an easy job, but most parents can prove that it is the best job!!!

One of the things that theistic parents teach their children is prayer. The twin sisters Natalie and Nicole have mastered the technique of the Lord’s Prayer. Young children tend to imitate what they see their parents do,

and are also able to immediately learn what their guardians teach them at a very young age. It’s beautiful to see people express their faith through prayer, but it’s lovely to see two girls who look exactly the same. At first,

Nicole was shy to say the Lord’s Prayer all by herself, but when she saw her twin sister, Natalie, confidently recite the prayer, she immediately put her game face on for a duet.

The girls were so invested in the prayer that they actually had their hands clasped and eyes closed. In their own adorable way, the twins’ recitation of a time-old prayer makes having faith even more beautiful.

From the little girls, we can learn that having respect for all religions and customs begins at an early age as long as parents are able to teach them how to love one another despite our different beliefs.

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