His New House Was Hiding This In The Basement

The idea began as a harmless hobby at home. He simply believed that their home may benefit from a fresh patio and shrubbery. However, after excavating through some concrete, he discovered something tucked away in his house’s foundation that was clearly not meant to be discovered!

David Olson knew it was past time for him to fix up his Michigan home; he had always found an excuse to put it off, but not any longer. He knew it was the last straw when one of his children wounded themselves on the stairs. He planned to demolish the front stairs and add a porch in the process.

He knew that it would be worth it, a nice family porch for everyone to enjoy once it was built. His children could contribute and bring him small loads in the wheelbarrow. But after digging into the foundation he saw something, after closer inspection, he saw beautiful blue and black colors swirling in the sun.

Was it some kind of weird rock? He would find out. He tried to take it out of the foundation but clearly, it didn’t want to budge. What on earth was stuck in the foundations of his house? They looked like old ten-pin bowling balls but didn’t have any finger holes that he could see.

But there was something even stranger that he was about to uncover. After finding it he would feel like he was some kind of archaeologist on the hunt for artifacts. He found another, then another, he couldn’t believe how many were underneath his house.

He made the decision to go to the bottom of it, and he dug two feet deeper than he had expected. He discovered a total of 160 balls. But once his daughter said something, he paused. “Daddy, what’s inside them?” David let go of the one he was holding and looked down.

It was an excellent point; perhaps they were hidden beneath the home because of the value they contained. He’d gotten himself into too much trouble, and he needed to get out of it. The name on each ball was the first clue he discovered. Each one appeared to have a firm name on it.

And what’s more, there was a phone number on each of them too! He gave them a call and explained what he had found. After this, he got the answers he wanted. The company he called was Brunswick Bowling Products and they checked back on their records and then confirmed that he could break them open if he wanted.

He even got replies to his Facebook post about it and former employees left comments that gave him even more answers. David got his family to a safe location before bringing out his hammer and smashing the ball. The hard outer shell made a satisfying crack as everyone laughed. But was inside was truly strange, billiard balls!

He finally figured it out, the bowling balls were duds and had to be thrown out. But the workers decided to take them home instead. The bowling balls ended up having a new purpose. The previous homeowner decided to use them for something clever. But with 160 balls what was he going to do? Then a local church had the answer.

For some odd reason, the local house of worship had a bowling ball cannon. David had no idea what it was used for, but he was at least sure they would be used for something good. Next was his stepfather, who also turned out to be just as creative as he was great at DIY. This was even cooler!

The plan was to use them for “feet” on his furniture projects. Finally, David would keep the rest. All he wants is to finish the project he started, but with the potential for more of these pesky little orbs to be hidden under the entire house, he would need someone to come in and check … and help him clear them out.

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