Why This 2 Golden Retrievers Dress Up And Go Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween is so close, and I can already smell the carved pumpkin and sweet, unwrapped candies in the air – freshly-developing cavities in my teeth, too (just kidding!).

But, in reality, while many of us enjoy this short-lived holiday, we tend to dedicate Halloween to the little ones. We let the kids select what Jack-o’-Lantern face they want on their pumpkin, pick out their own Halloween costumes, and of course, go trick-or-treating until their little legs tire out.

However, in one cute short film, a couple of dogs decide that they, too, can go trick-or-treating, complete with costumes and everything. You’re going to love this one, I promise!

At the start of the video, a small girl is at home getting ready for a long night of trick-or-treating by putting on a princess costume. With a bloody ax prop, the household owner answers the door to the girl and her golden dog as she rings the doorbell. The homeowner exclaims, “Oh, what a lovely princess, and such a wonderful pet!”

The little girl takes off quickly to continue collecting tasty treats while the pup looks down at his trick-or-treat pail, at the single dog bone he got. He gets the idea that if he continues trick-or-treating, he could have a pail-full of bones by the end of the night.

The concept of trick-or-treating is new to him, but he’s all in and quite confident that he can continue trick-or-treating without the little girl! So, the golden retriever runs home to grab his buddy, and well,

they head out in fresh costumes to the same house the first dog already went to, knowing that the woman who answered had a special little something just for dogs. This woman is unlike other homeowners who merely have “human treats” to pass out.

But, the trick-or-treating doesn’t end there as the duo continues to arrive in different costumes, hoping that the woman at the door won’t recognize them.

By the time the dogs’ pails fill up with dog bones and squeaky balls, they pass out on the bed back at home, completely exhausted with full tummies and their trick-or-treat goodies sprawled out everywhere. This was definitely me when I would trick-or-treat as a kid!

You will love watching the festive video for yourself below. There’s so much cuteness, joy, and innocent humor! It’s also too cute for words!

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