Man creates high voltage ejector bed for people who find it hard to get out of bed every morning. Watch how it works

Getting out of bed is more difficult than waking up. If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, this beautiful yet insane high voltage ejector bed might be for you!!!

Collin Furze, a brilliant and imaginative inventor, came up with this high voltage ejector bed after receiving a request from his YouTube viewers. When the alarm goes off, this bed will not accept snooze as an excuse and will practically hurl the sleeper out of the bed.

It has homemade pistons and domestic compressors which Furze set to the bed to launch the sleepy sleeper out of it. There is no absolute need to set the alarm on your phone as the bed will do better than the regular alarm!

Set the bed to max power and the sleeper will have to get out of the bed if they do not want to be thrown out of it. If getting launched out of the bed is not enough, Furze also added extra features that will definitely wake the sleeper up.

Complete with blaring horns and ringing bells, anyone who sleeps in the bed will be completely woken up when it is time to get out of the bed!Apart from the crazy high voltage ejector bed, Furze has also created many other insane yet awesome inventions.

Some of the crazy inventions he had created so far are homemade machine gun briefcases like the one from “The Kingsman” movie, the staircase treadmill, and a Furze Tea Machine.

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