Can You spot an EMPTY MUG?

Internet artist Gergely Dudás is back to infuriate his fans with more mind-boggling puzzles. Dudolf, as he is known to his fans, shared a new brainteaser on Facebook on Tuesday, asking users to find the frog among the leaves. There are lots of dark green and purple jungle plants in the busy scene,

and it’s hard to see amphibians lurking in them. Over 2000 fans have tried to find the frog, but can you find it The eagle-eye player should be able to see the creature in the lower right corner of the image, but if you can’t, you shouldn’t feel oppressed.

Can You spot an EMPTY MUG?

Scroll down to see the answer!

Many have described the puzzle as Dudolf’s ‘hardest yet’ in comments on Facebook, admitting it took them up to ten minutes to find the frog. One fan wrote: ‘This was probably the hardest one for me, but I found him!’

He now produces puzzles for most major holidays – and delights followers by posting random editions throughout the year. At Christmas Dudas released a new book, Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things,

which uses colorful illustrations and seek-and-find puzzles to tell the story of a bear getting ready for a Christmas party. While the title is aimed at children, the puzzles are tricky enough that they will keep parents entertained, too.

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