Stranger Waits Until Mom sleep—Then He Write a Note and Walks Off the Train

The single mom from the UK was traveling on a train with her 3-year-old son, Rylan, when a stranger joined them in their train car. He was an older man, wearing a hat and glasses. He sat down beside Samantha, who was putting every ounce of energy into keeping Rylan entertained and civil.

The mother-son duo spent time playing games and having sweet conversations with each other. She even taught him a brief lesson in manners, and respecting those around them on the train!

After a while, Rylan fell asleep on Samantha’s lap, and she held him close. She didn’t think anything of the man sitting next to them, but it turns out he had been watching them closely. When the train reached his stop, the man stood up to get off—but not before leaving a surprise for the sweet mama beside him.

“I suppose you’ve dropped this out of your purse,” he remarked, tapping Samantha on the shoulder. After that, he handed her a folded piece of paper and exited the train. Samantha recognized she hadn’t dropped anything and that the man had written a note specifically for her when she examined the paper. The following message was wrapped around a £5 bill:

“Have a drink on me, you’re a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners. P.S. I have a daughter your age, someone did the same for her once. Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you.” The young mom was in complete amazed, and she became overwhelmed with emotions right there in her seat. There wasn’t enough time between when the man handed Samantha the note, and when she realized what he’d done, for her to be able to thank him.

She was determined to personally thank the mystery man for his kind gesture, and tell him how much his note meant to her. So she took to Facebook in an effort to find him. Once local media caught wind of their story, Samantha and Rylan even appeared on local talk shows in an attempt to get in touch with the kindhearted man.

Samantha and Rylan were reunited with Ken Saunders approximately a week after their first encounter on the train, thanks to their perseverance. The community’s extraordinary response to his spontaneous note astounded the 50-year-old. Rylan’s playful energy, Ken adds, was a treat to witness after a long day at work. Ken was reminded of his own daughter when she was Rylan’s age by the small boy’s vibrant demeanor.

He said it was Samantha’s relationship with her son, and the conversation they had about correcting his manners that really struck a chord saying, “It made such a change compared to the maligned young people of today.”

Ken enjoyed watching the young mother teach her son, and he was in awe with the respect that Rylan gave back to her. As for the note and bit of cash, Ken says he just wanted to put a smile on the young mom’s face “I thought, ‘She’s lightened up my night, I’m going to lighten up her night.’”Samantha AND Rylan finally got to tell Ken “Thank You.” Check out their heartwarming reunion below.

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