A rare few can see the double images in this postcard – can you?

A rare few can see the double images in this postcard – can you? Optical illusions are some of the most interesting images out there. I was little when I first saw this image. But now, the image is online and has been seen by millions. This particular illusion is very popular for its difficulty — the optical illusion shows two images at the same time, but very few people can see it!

Millions of people struggle over these puzzling images, but they can’t see the illusion and wonder exactly what they’re looking for. The famous picture below has circulated around the world since 1888. To give you a little perspective — that was the year the first phone line between Stockholm and Gothenburg was built and also in 1888, the first wax drinking straw was patented.

This postcard below was produced in Germany, for an organization called “The Anchor Buggy Company.” At first, the postcards were handed out without any warning about their hidden images. But soon, people began to notice something strange about the postcard … Can you see the double pictures in the portrait?

W.E. Hill, a British cartoonist, was the creator of the illustration. All cute all the time explains that he understood what he was doing but assumed no one would notice. Examine the image above to see if you can see the double image! As previously stated, you should notice a young woman looking away and an older lady gazing down, her face sad.

Can you see both of them? If you need help, watch the video below!

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