How This 11-Year-Old Boy Saves Two People In Just One Day?

This 11-year-old was honored recently by the Muskogee Police Department and the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office for saving his classmate from choking and a woman with a disability in just one day. Davion Johnson, a student from Oklahoma, saved his classmate from choking a few weeks back.

He opened his bottled water with his mouth to refill it with water. Accidentally, the bottle’s cap slipped into his throat, and that’s when the young hero jumped into action. He immediately performed the Heimlich Maneuver he learned from YouTube and saved his classmate!

Oklahoma 11-year-old saves choking student, helps woman from house fire on same day

“Davyon immediately sprinted over and did the Heimlich maneuver,” Latricia Dawkins, the School’s Principal, told Muscogee Phoenix. “From the account of the witnesses, when he did it, the bottle cap popped out,” she described.

“He has always indicated that he wants to be an EMT,” the School Principal said. “So he got to put that desire into action and immediately saved that young man,” she added. Later that day, he saw a woman with a disability on her porch struggling to walk away from her house. Seeing a need,

he helped her get on the truck and leave right away. “She was on her porch. But I thought, being a good citizen, I would cross and help her get into her truck and leave,” Dayvon told the Muskogee Phoenix.

Boy, 11, Saves Choking Classmate, Woman from House Fire in One Day |

She was attempting to flee the fire that had begun to burn the back of her house and had progressed to the front. Davyon received a certificate from the Muskogee Police Department and the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office designating him as an honorary member of their force.

At a recent board meeting, the Muskogee Public Schools Board of Education also recognized the young man. They shared their student’s bravery on Facebook, where it has already received over 1,000 likes and other supportive comments.

Goodness and heroism are not limited to a certain age, gender, or capacity. His heroic acts proved that anyone could help and be a hero. One just needs a compassionate heart and readiness to serve anytime, anywhere.

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