This Old farmhouse looks ordinary, but the inside design will amaze you!

What deceptively looks like just an old farmhouse in Nashville, Tennessee has caught the eyes of many. This house is so beautiful. The property is located near a plantation house. The house is surrounded by horse pastures!

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When Terry Jo and David Bichell purchased this old farmhouse, they wanted to have it remodeled — while keeping its natural rustic charm. Therefore, the couple decided to redesign the interior of the farmhouse, and everything they add indoors is just so lavish and extremely cozy, you might not want to leave:

The great room has a skylight to let natural light in, and the pristine white walls definitely added to the room’s airy, spacious look. There’s a simple ladder that will lead you to the house’s loft. All furniture items and decorations are simple and contribute to making the interiors cozier.

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The master bedroom, like the rest of the house, has a minimalist aesthetic and an airy, breezy feel. The kitchen’s contemporary, gleaming, cutting-edge gadgets are nothing like what you’d find in a typical old farmhouse. When you climb the ladder from the great room, you’ll find a simple sleeping loft with a pair of mattresses for kids or guests aged six and higher. Even the toilet and shower appear to be light and clean!

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What appeared to be a slightly dilapidated house is nothing short of the spectacular inside. It’s the perfect place for anyone needing a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. What’s more, the entire area can give you a taste of what it’s like living in a farm because you can feed the chickens and horses outside.

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All the food in this house are organic, too. The farmhouse used to be available for rent in Airbnb, however, because of some new regulations within the community, Terry Jo has stopped having this beautiful cottage rented since July 2016.

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