When This man Watches A Video Of His Daughter’s Birth And Notices Something He Didn’t See The First Time

Comedian Michael Jr. is used to having his voice heard when he’s performing in front of an audience. What he never expected was how his newborn baby responded to his voice!

Michael recently dug up video footage he recorded of his youngest daughter being born. In it, she is being cleaned up by the nurses in the delivery room and she’s crying. That’s when Michael starts talking to her to calm her down and something amazing happens. She stops crying.

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When she starts crying again, this time he comforts her with an “I love you” and she goes quiet, but this time she opens her eyes to look at him as if she knows what he’s telling her!

Michael claims that while he wasn’t aware of it at the time, watching the footage taught him something about fatherhood and faith. “There will always be periods when we aren’t at ease…when life is just heavy,” he says. “In those moments, the most important thing to do is to stay still and listen for the Father’s voice.

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Because he is trying to talk to you. And I can tell you he wants you to know is that he loves you. All you got to do is open your eyes.”Michael’s message is a good reminder to listen to the voices that are important to us in our lives.

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