Watch This Toddler’s 1st Experience With Summer Rain. This vide made my day

No matter what, every parent hopes that their children will grow up to help make the world a better place. All parents hope that their grown children will do all they can to help others, whether it’s funding their own charitable organization or simply being kind and polite to others. Hopefully, this philosophy will be passed on to the next generation!

The process of being a parent can be rewarding in itself; there are naturally major challenges that can make some days more difficult than ever imagined, but the beautiful moments shared with kids can make them twice as sweet. One of the most incredible things to watch your child go through as a parent is their very first experiences of the most wonderful aspects of life!

From eating the very first strawberry to experiencing fireworks for the first time, children can become awed by the smallest of things. When one doting dad took his toddler Harper out onto their driveway in the rain, letting her experience it for the first time, it’s heartwarming to watch. The video, first uploaded in 2015, has made viewers all over the world smile along with father and son.

Children can teach us a lot of things, but the most important lesson that we learn is to find the magic in the ordinary. Every small thing can be a miracle in the eyes of a child, and this incredibly moving video shows how wonderous a baby watching the rain for the first time can be.

Make sure to go all the way to the bottom of this page to see the entire video:-) The majority of people have no recollection of their first steps or their first ice cream cone. When viewed as a whole, though, it is all of those small experiences that can have the most impact on your life. This is why parents relish the opportunity to witness their children’s excitement as they witness it through their eyes. It’s a real gift to watch children appreciate interacting with nature.

In this video, a father is showing his son how beautiful rain can be. As the rain picks up, Harper, a beautiful child, is definitely enjoying the rainfall. The creator of the original video published it on YouTube.

Toddler's Priceless Reaction To Her First Summer Rain With Daddy! | Summer rain, One summer, Dads

Most certainly, her reaction to the rain is absolutely adorable and viewers will surely be compelled to smile and laugh along with Harper’s delighted sounds! Her dad then pulls the ultimate surprise when he takes the toddler outside to feel the rain for herself.

There is nothing better than warm summer rain on your skin, and it is clear in the video that Harper is a fan of the pitter-patter raindrops that are falling down. This adorable video clip proves that kids don’t necessarily need expensive trips and experiences to appreciate life and that the small things are the most important of all.

Baby's Reaction To Her First Rain Will Have Y'all Smiling In No Time | Country Rebel

This isn’t the first time that the Swift family’s video has gone viral. In 2014, another video of Harper became viral after she crept towards the family dog. “Baby’s first crawl with her dog… what a cute finish!” says the caption. At the time of writing this post, the video had over 27 million views. This is a truly remarkable achievement!

In the video of Harper enjoying the rain, the Swift family references the first video that made Harper famous by writing in the description, “Imagine our disbelief this time, when already last year such a special (and viral!) moment was captured of our little one first crawling in “Baby’s first crawl with her dog… what a cute ending!”

Toddler Experiences First Summer Rain With Dad - InspireMore

-that now a new unforgettable moment was filmed of our little Harper experiencing another lifetime ‘first’ and this time it’s seeing and feeling rain for the very first time. The description gave more information about Harper’s love for the rain as well, “She simply couldn’t get enough, from the car ride home and watching it pour all over the car windows,

to getting out and wanting nothing more than to run around, play, and exalt over the fabulous new experience with her Daddy. She and the family she makes us are truly our dream come true.

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