How This Woman Becomes Surrogate Mother And Gets Pregnant With Her Own Baby At The Same Time?

Allen Jessica was rewarded by destiny for helping others. She is the mother of 2 from California and when she made a decision to become a surrogate mother for another couple, who struggled to have children but failed, she was sure it is a beautiful thing to do.

Additionally, the extra money would be useful as well, as she was promised the financial reward of 30,000$. Allen was matched with a couple from China through Omega Family Global agency, and the embryo was placed into her uterus!

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As the pregnancy test was positive, the woman went to the clinic to check her health condition but the doctor surprised her, sharing unexpected news – there were two babies growing in the woman’s uterus.

The answer was that this uncommon occurrence still occurs occasionally, when an embryo splits in two, resulting in two identical twins. Allen had infants at Riverside Community Hospital and never saw them, but when she later viewed images of the twins, the kids appeared to be extremely different, as she suspected.

What happened next stunned her even more: a DNA test revealed that the second kid was Allen and her husband’s biological child. This oddity is known as superfetation, and it occurs when a woman becomes pregnant again while already pregnant, according to specialists.

It was not that easy to return the baby from China, but they did it, and even though they did not plan on having more kids, the couple is overjoyed because of the new member of the family.

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