This Woman applied to the stylist to change her style. The result is great

The owners of lush and fluffy hair know firsthand how much time and money it takes to pacify them. And let us not forget about the patience we need to wash, comb, do such hair, since, of course, we want to look beautiful and have well-groomed curls, not a washcloth. Today we will show you a charming girl with a similar type of hair who turned to a stylist for help!

She asked the master to make them more obedient. She really needed it. First of all, the stylist selected a suitable shade for coloring, so that it harmoniously combined with the client’s skin color. Yes, in the case of such curls color really matters.

Take a look at the end result: the hair color hasn’t changed much, but the tips have been lightened, and the effect is fantastic and refreshing! Let us proceed because the client is happy and satisfied with the first phase.

A striking contrast immediately draws the eye and transforms the heroine’s appearance. Straightening, on the other hand, is the second stage. The girl underwent the popular “botox for hair” operation, which helped her to tame her hair and create a more elegant and lovely haircut. You can now explore with photos without fear!

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