Funny Playful Puppy Makes This Baby Girl Laugh

Nothing beats the proud feeling of making a cute little baby laugh. Laughter is an important milestone for a baby because it gives reassurance that the child is developing fundamental emotional and social capabilities.

One of the many reasons why laughter is important in a child’s early stages is because it has the ability to diffuse stress. Life is so much better when you’re surrounded by wonderful friends who make you laugh non-stop!

okes are not the only thing that can make a person laugh. For babies, even a dog’s funny gestures are hilarious. Haggis is the little comedian who can make this baby girl laugh without end. Babies adore dogs.

We’re not sure why, but they can easily make babies laugh or smile. Haggis is a perfect example of how a man’s best friend is a clown in the eyes of a toddler. Haggis would just check on his baby friend by standing to take a peek at her inside her crib.

This will make the newborn girl laugh delightfully right away. When a baby laughs, it signifies they are attentive, curious, and joyful, thus making a baby laugh successfully means they are actually entertained and interested in you, which is a great accomplishment. In the video below, you can see how the small girl cackles when she sees her puppy.

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