This shirtless little boy reciting Psalm 23 standing in the street is giving us goosebumps all over. It just shows his love for God and the scriptures. Just watch how he boldly declares the word of God and his gestures and body language are just too much.

Two older guys approached the child and began recording him live on the side of the road because they admired his grasp of the Bible. The boy stunned them away with his incredible performance. He proudly shouted every word of Psalm 23 with a strong conviction that is so rare to see among adults nowadays, but it is a revelation to see this small child reciting God’s word-like way.

We are so happy to see this little boy preach the word of God with such a strong conviction, we pray and hope for more children like him to learn the scriptures and spread the gospel around the world.

By Lilit

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