This Woman At the age of 48 married an Indian prince. How the couple live after 16 years?

Maria is a very famous writer, playwright, screenwriter, radio host, and publicist. Her first two marriages were unsuccessful, but still, she met her love: 16 years ago Maria married an Indian prince. The woman’s acquaintance with Shumit Datta Gupta occurred during the filming of a program about political issues in India.

Maria’s assistant invited Shumit as a guest, who was a Bengali prince by birth, but actually lost his status. To get to know Shumit more and win the guest over, Maria invites him to her birthday. And from the very first communication, she realized that this was her man!

He showed reciprocity and called the presenter on a date. The relationship began to develop and in 2005 the couple officially married.Shumit is 10 years younger than his wife, but this difference does not bother the spouses at all.

Maria has assumed the role of household leader; she earns money, and it suits her. The woman claims that her husband is the one who makes the flat comfortable by doing the chores and cooking great meals.

Maria and Shumit Datta Gupta have been happily married for 16 years. The woman claims that the secret to their excellent relationship is support, mutual understanding, and respect for personal space, rather than presents and romance.

She believes that her husband is an ideal family man – very responsible, economical, and kind. Maria herself does not strive for the ideal, she does not resort to the help of cosmetologists, is not fond of losing weight. But she is confident and harmonious. Probably, it was for this that the Indian prince fell in love with her.

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