95% People Can’t Spot The Big MISTAKE In This Picture.

Another fantastic day to put your observation and reasoning skills to the test with a fun image puzzle to share with friends and family is today. Are you prepared for this new challenge that has many people perplexed? Few competitors are able to discover the mistake in this hard brainteaser, but how about you?

Let’s get started! Look at the image below to see if you can see the major blunder! Don’t forget to tell us how long it took you to find it in the comments area. The image depicts a mother chastising her son. Toys are strewn about the room, and on the right side of the room is a bed with a yellow cover!

There is also an aquarium in the background. But there is also a huge mistake in the picture! Have you found it yet? If yes, congratulations! You are one of the few people who noticed it right away. But if you’re still searching, don’t worry as the answer is already provided below.

Just make sure that you’ve already tried your best before scrolling down. No cheating! Consider taking another look at the image above and you might see the error this time.

Giving up? Scroll down to view the answer…

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