Why This Mother Lets Her 8-MO Baby Eat Dirt ? The reason Will amaze you

Parents have the choice to decide what is good or bad for their parents. Playing time for kids is the most important time for children in order for them to develop properly. It’s how they explore and naturally engage with the world and grow physically and mentally.

Alice Bender, 22, a young mom shared videos on TikTok of their eight-month-old baby Fern who was chewing many different kinds of items including a rock. This mom from Arizona was trying to make a point against the medical industry which she felt has moved the public’s point of view on germs and babies with their “billion-dollar campaigns!

”In a video which was seen more than a 12million times, the mother explained she is not scared of bacteria. She welcomes it since she trusts her kid and nature. Alice who is nurturing her child Fern to be Vegan expressed that as long as babies are being breastfed to build their immunities to germs they can be exposed to bacteria. She believes that while babies are breastfed they do get this hunch for a reason.

They know their mother’s milk is there to protect them. However, people had mixed reactions to this young mother’s decision on permitting her baby to eat dirt and sand claiming it makes the immune system stronger. While some shared concerns, “Are you not worried about parasites? What would you do to protect him from the possibility of getting them by eating dirt?”

“Dirt won’t hurt,” one person said, “but letting them bite the grocery store belt? Nah…” em to strengthen their immune system “Breast milk is fantastic,” she says. The original medicine is breast milk. It outperforms all man-made medicines. Breast milk is living and changing all the time to fulfill the demands of our babies.”

Alice also remarked that if she quits breastfeeding her child, she may not expose him to as much bacteria since she believes if he gets sick, he will have nowhere to turn. She believes that rather than fighting nature, we should embrace it. Fern has been remarkably healthy in comparison to other children, she has observed.

Nevertheless, some supported Alice’s parenting style by stating this is the way babies should build their immune systems. While another user said, “my baby, unfortunately, isn’t exclusively breastfed but I don’t shelter him from dirt and shopping carts either. Eight months and totally healthy.” It’s ok to be messy and dirty while playing but at the same time after playing remember to wash your hands and clean yourself. What are your thoughts?

In her words, “He is the first chunky baby in our immediate family. People always compliment us on how healthy, calm and alert he is when we’re in public.”

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