Where’s the thief in this picture?

Solving puzzles and riddles is a fun way to give your brain the daily exercise it needs. That is why we have another picture puzzle that you can enjoy with your family and friends! Are you ready for this new challenge that has been leaving many people scratching their heads?

Let’s solve this one! Where’s the thief in this picture?

Simply be sure you’ve already pushed yourself to your limits! So, take another look at the puzzle above and see if you can see the mistake this time. There will be no cheating! Are you ready to give up? To see the answer, scroll down…

Some people are so observant that they can easily tell the difference between an owl and a barn owl. And then, there’s the group of people that are so clueless that they couldn’t even distinguish a zebra among cows or a wild boar among pigs. But maybe, just maybe, it all comes down to exercising our deduction skills.

And what is the best workout for it? Riddles. Solving riddles can have many benefits. It can enhance our memory and decision-making process. It also improves our IQ level and boosts our creativity.

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