Why Wife Ends Up Leaving Husband At Restaurant After He Can’t Afford To Pay For His Part Of Dinner?

Marriage is a beautiful phase in one’s life. In a marriage, there should be love, respect, and most important communication. You establish ground rules and limits for your relationship through conversations such as how things should be done and managed in your family and home. Read the story and share your opinion on what this couple should do.

Me f30 and my husband M32 have been married for 4 months. He likes to be independent in everything. Especially when it comes to money. He’s bad with money meaning he never plans for tomorrow and enjoys buying new things every day.

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I approached him with the idea of having a joint account. And he said okay. But sadly he took it as if his salary was doubled up and kept purchasing stuff that is expensive without evening running it through me. It was just like grabbing the money and going to spend it. Not okay because we have commitments.

I talked to him. His response’s that since his money’s in that account meaning he doesn’t have to tell me about where he spends it because technically…it’s his money. He admitted joint account was bad idea and unnecessary; In his words “am I crazy to think that everyone should just be able to have their own money to spend regardless of whether they are married or not?”

We decided that each of us would have our own wage, but that we would split the costs evenly. He agreed as long as he could spend his money on whatever he pleased. He recommended that we go out to dine last night. I believed we’d each pay for our own dinners. When we arrived, he ordered more courses than I did, as well as two different deserts. When it came time to pay, When I asked for separate bills from the waitress, my husband appeared perplexed. “You’re not going to pay for my supper as well?” he asked.

I told him it was his option to charge each of us ‘individually’ for everything. I explained to him what it meant to have separate funds. He became enraged, claiming that he had wasted all of his money. Told him this is what separate finances means. He got upset saying he spent all the money he had before coming to the restaurant and didn’t think I’d actually decline to pay. So it’s fair that I pay for dinner? After he argued and threw a fit I just paid for my meal and was about to leave when he called me selfish and mean.

He came home 2 hours later telling me his buddy came and paid for his meal no problem. He said I shouldn’t have declined to pay for his meal and was being mean to him. I told him to not take his misplaced anger out on me but he still argued with me about what I did and how unacceptable it was.

After that I took some time to calm down. We had a talk this morning and when I suggested therapy first thing he said “Okay, But who’s paying?” Then reminded me of what I did and how unacceptable it was. He keeps bringing it up and wants me to apologize.

In case our jobs are relevant: I’m a secretary and He’s a Police Officer. What do you think about the wife’s decision?

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