Can you find the mistake in this picture?

A picture puzzle is making rounds on the internet and it’s your job to put an end to the debate by spotting a giant mistake. If you’re good at spotting small details that escape most eyes, you will probably do well in today’s test. We have prepared two visual puzzles for you to crack by spotting unwanted.

IQ, short for intelligence quotient, is a measure of a person’s reasoning ability. Many colleges and universities also use exams similar to IQ tests to select students. Think that you’re observant enough to spot the subtle differences between pictures? Get your eyes ready because this is tricky. This spot the difference pictures will have you in for a treat!

Get started by taking a close look at the image below. The graphic shows a young couple relaxing by the pool while drinking cocktails. The guy has long hair and is wearing orange swimming trunks. He is smiling from ear to ear while looking at his companion.

Meanwhile, the girl has short blonde hair and is wearing a red swimsuit. She is sipping her drink and pretending that her friend’s jokes are funny.

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