This girl became mom at the age of 11. How she lives now?

The girl lived in the same apartment as her grandmother. She had no parents, she was raised by her grandmother. And the guy Habib also lived in this apartment, he rented a room. He was 19 years old. The young people began a relationship.

After a while, the girl became pregnant. Of course, the young man was convicted, but the sentence was suspended. Since the young people proved in court that they love each other. The couple had a daughter. The young mom graduated from the 9th grade and entered college!

And in 2013 they had a boy. After 4 years, they wanted to separate but found out about the girl’s third pregnancy Due to her age, the girl gave birth not by herself, but by Caesarean section.

Despite the fact that both babies were born prematurely, the doctors refused to accept responsibility. Habib’s relatives, on the other hand, have never accepted the girl and are always on the lookout for a new spouse for their son.

They don’t believe these children are their sons, among other reasons. Now that they are expecting their third child, Habib works to support the family. Young people, on the other hand, love each other and will not break up.

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