This is a reall dream tiny home incorporates functionality in its design. Take a tour inside

This stunning tiny house in Byron, Bay Australia incorporates Zen and functionality in its design. The concept of Zen in interior design teaches the value of simplicity — both in choosing what furniture and objects will stay in your life and the lifestyle, you should perpetuate. Zen also highlights our innate connection with nature. It’s also interesting that the Scandinavian design shares similar concept to minimalism and keeping things simple and cozy.

Kester and Nadia considered themselves lucky when they found a spacious parking spot for their two-story tiny house. The location gives the couple all the privacy they need. The couple knew where the trees were going to be. They designed their home’s windows in a very strategic way so that they can see the beautiful view of the outside.

The couple’s reason for building a tiny house is similar to that of other owners who are downsizing from a larger home to focus on the things that count. They used to live in a large house with their friends for seven years, but when their friends’ children grew older, they decided it was time to move out. Despite the fact that they didn’t want to be too far away from their buddies.

Kester and Nadia believed that building their tiny home in their friends’ garden would be the answer to their problems, and they’re even more delighted now that they’ve seen how wonderful it turned out. The house is 11.4 feet wide and 23 feet long on two levels. The house has a total area of 366 square feet, which includes.

The deck has comfy chairs and couches where the couple’s visitors can lounge around while enjoying the terrific view. “It’s incredibly functional . . . We’ve had maybe 12 to 15 people in this house on a couple of occasions, more regularly than we thought, and it works so well having a little deck outside,” Kester revealed.
The deck can also be taken apart and assembled, should the couple decide to take their house on the road.

The couple was inspired by the combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. You’ll notice the two inspirations of the home with the couple’s approach to minimalism and the clean lines of the exterior. They also painted the door with the muted blue color of the Scandinavian color scheme. The spacious lounge area or living room is the first area that will greet you upon entering.

The open floor design allows you to see the subtle and apparent efforts of the couple in combining Japanese and Scandinavian inspirations. The wooden stairs that double as storage, the window’s black frames, using natural wood for the storage areas, and counter-tops all came from Japanese influences. Meanwhile, the cozy sheepskins on the couch, contrasting colors, and the abundance of natural light are Scandinavian-inspired.

Kester and Nadia wanted to have plenty of windows for the natural lighting and be more connected with nature outside, making their home feel and look more spacious than it actually is. You’ll also notice a planter box right beside the stairwell looking over the first floor. The indoor plants complement the abundance of green you’ll see from the outside.

The living room’s window box gives the couple more seating options, especially when they want to curl up, read a good book, and enjoy the view outside. One of the cool features of the living room is the built-in projector screen that rolls down from the ceiling for movie nights. Nadia and Kester can sit back and relax in their living room and bring out their projector if they’re in the mood to binge-watch.

The living room is also filled with cool storage spaces. They’ve got compartments underneath the couch, window box, and stairs. What separates their storage space is how easy you can stow and get things without ruining the home’s flow. “Having to live in a small space, you’ve got to maybe have a bit of a predilection of being organized,” Kester advised.

Except for the cabinetry they built themselves, the couple’s kitchen has a simple style with few statement pieces. Everything is in one section of the kitchen, from spices to culinary utensils to equipment. To store their dishes, silverware, and ingredients, they have lots of drawers and cupboards. “We both enjoy cooking and frequently cook together,” Nadia said.

“But we like space when we cook, or we get grumpy, so wanted a galley kitchen, and we wanted quite a lot of countertop space for preparation.” If you love cooking like Kester and Nadia, you’ll always feel excited when you see all the jars of spices and ingredients within your field of view. The pull-out pantry also becomes part of your cooking space, so you’ll feel more excited about what you’re going to cook. And most importantly, it’s much easier to reach all the stuff you need in your dish!

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