This boy lost weight and become a model. How He Looks now will amaze You!

Austin Shifflet’s life turned into a horror, and the whole point is that classmates bullied a fat guy. Constant bullying pushed the guy to “jam” all the stresses. The poor guy became even bigger and his complexes drove him into depression!

The student began to skip school, he spent all the time in the basement of his house playing games. And then… Austin thought he weighed about 110-115 kilograms. One day he decided to check his weight and saw the number 174 on the scale board, he barely held back tears.The guy decided to pull himself together.

His grandma recently lost weight and the guy started following her advice.3 months on proper nutrition and the guy lost 35 kg. The next step was the gym.In order not to meet his tormentors in training, the guy began to go to night classes.

After a while, the guy was unrecognizable! He turned into a handsome man with a crowd of fans! The guy gained confidence in himself. And then he turned into a model and began to flash on the pages of fashion magazines!

Austin owes a debt of gratitude to his adoring grandmother, who helped him become so successful and athletic. People who are losing weight, according to the man, should take the first step toward a new life and not give up what they have started, whatever the obstacles.

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