Which Of These Men Has Never Dealt With Newborns? Check the answer below

Just as we continuously take care of our bodies through exercise and proper nutrition, we should also pay attention to our brains. With the help of puzzles and riddles, we can exercise our brains!

Luckily, we have an interesting task for you today. Here is a picture of two men out in the streets with baby strollers. Can you tell which of them has never handled a newborn before?

While most puzzles need you to think beyond the box, this one requires not only logic but also a great sense of observation. Do you know that puzzles are good for brain activity when you’re brainstorming?

According to Psychology Today, your brain uses a thinking process characterized by a blend of imaginative association and recollection when solving puzzles or riddles, which improves your reasoning ability.

It’s straightforward! If you look at both men closely, you can see that the man in blue is holding the child wrongly: It is important to provide proper support for the head when holding newborns. While the man in green might look frightened, it is evident that he knows how to hold a newborn properly!

There you have it!

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