What is this Woman’s secret? At the age of 71 she looks like 40.

It’s hard to believe that Carolyn Hartz is a grandmother and she is already 71 years old. But despite her age, the woman surprises with her toned and beautiful figure, fresh complexion, and active lifestyle…

Karolin’s secret is simple: she hasn’t eaten sugar or sugar-containing items in 28 years. – Women over fifty often assume it is difficult to keep a healthy weight and form, – Karolin adds. — You can return to the form before childbirth even if you gave birth to a child at the age of 40.

Karolin does not call for completely giving up your favorite foods, the most important thing is to know the measure, control the portion size, the quality of food and not to eat for pleasure, but to live for pleasure!

And of course not to get hung up on diets and food in general. In no case do not worry that you can not eat it, or you still ate this piece of cake…Well, it happens: they ate and forgot, we live on.

In life, a woman is an optimist, even if she faces difficulties, she always tries to stay positive. Another important secret of health and youth is sleep and rest. You need to sleep at least eight hours a day and always wake up with a positive attitude for the day.

In Karolin’s daily routine, there is always time for walks, the woman got a dog, now these walks have become regular. She also does yoga and tennis.At this stage of her life, Caroline has three adult sons and four granddaughters, and she also has a new hobby – cooking, she creates desserts without sugar.

– Be happy, never worry that you are many years old, – inspires Karolin, and adds that it is important never to compare yourself with others and not to listen to skeptics.

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